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Network of Water Bodies Catchments
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A tab-delimited file with a directed acyclic graph (network) of the extended water-body catchments in Germany. It was derived from a validated network of the underlying drainage basins.

Publication Date
Inland Waters
Inland water features, drainage systems and their characteristics. Examples: rivers and glaciers, salt lakes, water utilization plans, dams, currents, floods, water quality, hydrographic charts.
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Maintenance Frequency
Data Is Updated As Deemed Necessary

Routing of the Catchments of German Surface Water Bodies, refer to their WB attribute

Data Quality

Misses 3 extended water-body codes of the Dortmund-Ems-Kanal due to three unresolved cycles in the network of the drainage basins:

- DE_RW_DENW70501_14_50!!B+G
- DE_RW_DENW70501_14_50!!E+I
- DE_RW_DENW70501_50_120!!A

Other segments of the original water-body codes (i.e. DE_RW_DENW70501_14_50 and DE_RW_DENW70501_50_120) are in the network.

In some cases the network deviates from the water-body geometry. The network is not reliable along canals and does not contain splittings. 


Supplemental Information

Outlets, i.e. coastal areas or foreign water bodies, marked as to="--".

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